Class 2

"Teachers create an excellent climate for learning where pupils concentrate and engage fully"
"Pupils' achievement in reading is extremely high"
Ofsted 2018
Welcome to Class 2...
Class 2 is made up of year 1 and year 2 children.  Our class teacher is Miss Morton, Mrs Gillon works with us everyday, Miss Rutter work with  a specific child in class 2 everyday.  We enjoy having a wide range of activities to take part in and our classroom is calm, happy and well organised!
Reading - In class 2 we have guided reading every day in small groups.  The children are also take home a book to share with you.  The teacher will check weekly and adults MUST sign the reading record book. 
PE - Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school everyday. This consists of black shorts, black plimsoles and  a red t-shirt with the school badge.  Swimming takes place on Mondays at the Swan leisure centre, children should bring swimming cosume and towel in a separate bag.  Please ensure every piece of clothing is named.
Water Bottles - All children are expected to have fresh water in their water bottle every day.  Bottles can be purchased from the school office.  Please ensure bottles are only filled with plain water.
The following websites are great for supporting your child in maths and other areas you can access them by clicking on the links below;
See attachments below for more information about class 2.
The children were learning about measuring liquids today through making potions. The children had a potion recipe to follow and had to measure accurately the different liquids! 
The children have been learning about 2D shapes in maths. Ted the bear had hidden 2D shapes all around the outdoor area for children to find and identify. We had to find every 2D shape and count the sides to find out its name. 
In Class 2 we had an artist come in to help us with an art project that will be displayed in our very own gallery! We have decided to create a magical garden using recyclable rubbish, clay and wood. The children had so much fun creating their own plants and animals!
The children really enjoyed World Book Day!
In Literacy we have had a visitor from outer space! We were introduced to a very unhealthy alien called Bob. Already we have  written Bob instructions on how to make a healthy fruit skewer. This week we are writing an explanation text about leading a healthy life style. The children decided to teach Bob about exercising! We discovered lots of ways to exercise!
Class 2 really enjoyed their PJ and game day which they worked hard for all half term.  
In our Literacy lessons we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children have drawn a story map and can read the whole story with actions! Our next challenge is to create our own stories using Little Red Riding Hood as a template. To see our video and enjoy our story please visit or Facebook page by clicking on the link below! Like and share our page. 
In Topic we have been learning about L.S Lowry the artist and looking at his work inspired by our very own hometown! The children were excited to visit the spots that Lowry painted. We stopped a few times on the trail to look at the beautiful views of Berwick which has inspired us to paint our own Lowry paintings!
Our children love Active maths which is now a weekly lesson. Today we made addition number sentences and used our counting on to help us. When we introduced larger numbers we used our knowledge of tens and units to partition the numbers. We showed this by using the sports equipment! 
Active Maths is the best way to start off the week. The children really enjoy maths with a cross-curricular link to PE. We were representing 2 and 3 digit numbers using the cones and beanbags. Children worked on their counting in 10's and their communication skills with their team mates!