Early years

"The Early years leader and her team are highly skilled"
" Children in the early years make good progress"
"Children's behaviour in early years is impeccable"
Ofsted 2018
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Our early years unit combines nursery and reception children. They thrive in our warm, inviting and stimulating environment.  Mrs Turnbull is our EYFS lead teacher and teaches Monday - Thursday,  Mrs McGregor, our head teacher, teaches EYFS on Fridays, Mrs Moffat and Miss Prior are our teaching assistants.
We currently have a 17 place reception intake and 15 place morning nursery and 15 place afternoon nursery for children over 3 years old.  We also offer the 30 hours provision.
If you do not qualify for 30 hours provision and where there is space, we can offer full day places for our nursery children at an additional cost of £10 per day (excluding lunch). 
See Mrs Newton in the school office for more information.
Reception  & full day nursery sessions - 8:55am and finishes at 2:55pm - please drop off and collect your child from the EYFS entrance. 
Morning nursery - 8:55am - 11:55am
Afternoon nursery - 11:55am - 2:55pm
Nursery children may pay for a hot school lunch at £2:20 per day or bring a packed lunch
All reception children are entitled to a free school lunch (infant free school meal grant)
All children are entitled to free school milk until the term they turn 5 years old
Please make sure your child has a water bottle (water only no juice) 
We provide free fruit each day for every child but your child may bring their own if they wish
Currently our weekly 'Story & Song' sessions are on hold due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Here are some great sites you can visit simply click on each link below;
Oxford Owl
Have a little peek at our Early Years Unit...
People who help us...Police
Over the past two weeks the children have enjoyed taking part in some 'police' related learning.
We had a crime scene involving Humpty Dumpty to assess and write about.  The children also enjoyed 'fingerprint' calculations and 'secret writers'.  We finished off our learning with a visit to Police Station.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the quality experience that the officers at Berwick Police Station gave us.  This again gave was an excellent stimulus for writing... 
World Book Day 
Early years have enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters and visiting the library. 
Reception 'Super Reading Heroes'
Well done to our Reading Super Heroes.
9/12 children achieved their reading goal this week...
Read 5 times a week at home to become a hero.
We LOVE the snow!
What fantastic learning fun the snow brought us...
  • Creating art work through exploring the effects of powder paint on the snow.
  • Constructing our snowmen and snowladies.
  • Using materials to develop a working sledge.
  • and so much more!
A child gave us an amazing learning opportunity when they asked...
 "would we be able to take our snowman inside?"
"...Well why not!" Mrs Turnbull said, so we did!  We had to think carefully about how we could move the snowman safely - led by the children using their problem solving skills we got him into our classroom on our home made sledge in two pieces!  The children showed great ability in working together and overcoming problems as they went, through a process of exploratory thinking, talking and doing.
Once indoors, a child suggested we turn off the heater as she was worried he might melt....We hope we can keep our snowman forever but we will have to keep an eye on him to see what happens next...
Home Time Hooray Certificates
The children have been so proud of their learning achievements from home and they absolutely love to share and celebrate their achievements with us all.  It is so important that we recognise when they learn something new or are beginning to apply or master skills in everyday situations.  Experiencing achievement and success is key in education as it gives the children a thirst to learn even more.
Parents, please feel free to help yourself to the certificates which are available from our notice board, and get ready to capture and record the amazing learning steps your child is making.  We love to hear about them and it helps us to build up a fuller picture of your child's learning and development.  We absolutely appreciate all your contributions! Thank you!
Have a look at some of the maths activities and learning we have been doing recently...we have been very busy!
Naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes and making arrangements, pictures, constructions and patterns.
Knowing we are finding more unless we are adding 0!

Finding 1 or 2 more than a given number including careful counting using counters, our fingers, counting on and using a number track or line.
Doubling: Knowing we are adding together the same amount.
Making 5 and 10 (number bonds): Arranging amounts in different ways and becoming aware that the total always stays the same.
Recording and explaining our calculations.
We have also been practising our scissor skills and in doing so we have been learning about length as we cut. Measuring, short, shorter, shortest, long, longer, longest, comparing, sorting and ordering according to length and even finding the difference between lengths.  The children also discovered centimeters.
We have been looking at the story of  'The Little Red Hen'.
We could not believe our eyes when we came into school on Monday morning...what a mess we found!
The police cordoned off the area and asked us to investigate the scene by carrying out a full report.
Have a look at the pictures below...
We visited the Hirsel Estate where we learned all about how bread is made from field to fork.
We had lots of fun and learned so much too.  Have a look at our photographs below!
The Reception children led a class worship outdoors in our prayer garden.
The worship linked to our school Statement of the week ' Simple things can make us happy'
One child suggested our mission should be to "Share a smile with everyone"