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After school provision

We plan to re-open Cuddies after school provision from Monday 12th April for children of parents who are working, we are opening cautiously and therefore I ask for your consideration of all the following points before you decide to place your child in Cuddies;  
As you know Kristina (our wonderful cook), leads Cuddies and we are conscious that we don't want to put her at any additional risks therefore I urge you to only use Cuddies as a last resort during the summer term.  We appreciate that previous 'regular users' of Cuddies have been able to find ways to care for their child/ren after school since January and I ask you to continue this wherever possible - it is best for us and for your child.
We don't anticipate there being a great uptake during April - July and I'm sure you don't want your child accessing it and being the only one there. Spaces will only be available for parents who are working and who have no alternative available provision - we will keep it under review weekly.  
We have also come to the decision that we cannot run Cuddies without children mixing - therefore if your child does attend they will mix with whoever else is attending.  Therefore would be classed as a 'close contact' if someone there was to become infectious and would therefore be required to self-isolate.
Thank you for your understanding.
We offer after school provision from 3pm - 5:15pm 'Cuddies' runs in classroom 1 every day children are offered a drink & snack aswell as a range of activities, outdoor time and sometimes a movie!  The cost is £2:50 per hour or £5:50 for the whole session.  
We also run a number of after school clubs; these include; bible detectives, scrabble, cookery, zumba, football, gymnastics, cricket, film plus many more.  
Please see Mrs Newton in the school office to see what's available this half term or to book in to 'Cuddies'!