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At St Cuthbert's we follow 'All Aboard Phonics' a validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme.
All Aboard Phonics Overview Phases 2-5
Phase 2 (6 weeks) Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - Reception
Phase 3 (12 weeks) EYFS - Reception
Phase 4 (6 weeks) EYFS - Reception
Phase 5
Throughout Year 1 Unit 1 (New Graphemes)
Year 2 National Curriculum
After passing the Phonics Screening Test At the end of Year 1, children should have a firm grasp of all the GPCs covered in Phases 2-5. In Year 2, schools can begin to follow the National Curriculum for spelling. Any children in Year 2 who did not pass the Phonics Screening Check or who are not confident in reading words with the Phase 5 GPCs should continue to learn phonics using the previous phases.