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Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word is a gift to you and your family because of your connection with this Catholic school.

Every Wednesday, a ‘word’ (inspired by the Sunday Gospel) will be suggested for you and your family to talk about in your home. We have structured this new weekly Family Time around the Sunday Gospel because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

Please take a few moments to read the paragraph below about Family Time and the comments that follow from families who regularly read The Wednesday Word together. We hope you enjoy reading The Wednesday Word and sharing this special time together with your children each week.             

                 WEDNESDAY WORD FAMILY TIME TOGETHER    With thanks to FOSC for funding this for our school.

Regularly spending quality time with children is without doubt one of the most important aspects of parenting. The Wednesday Word seeks to support you in this important task: to help you and your children maintain a special closeness throughout the school years. 
The Wednesday Word 'Family Time' leaflet is designed to ensure that all family members feel included. It presents an effective way for even the busiest of parents to enrich relationships with their children through spending a very special 5 or 10 minutes together each week.
We suggest Wednesdays for Family Time because it is the day that the Catholic Church dedicates to St Joseph – the Patron Saint of Families. But rather than miss out, any other night would do just as well.

 "The Wednesday Word has brought us all closer together. It's easy to follow and regularly reminds us to be kinder to each other. This is really having a positive impact on my children. It's a wonderful family experience for us all to share. Thank you."
"It's a great way of helping the children learn and understand about life. I believe it provides them with good grounding for the future. It somehow seems to bring a bit of the school into the home, linking them both together - it really makes you think."
"The Wednesday Word is simple to understand and has revived and uplifted our family's faith. It's particularly had a real life changing effect on my son."
"My daughter is in the Reception Class and my son is a year younger but wants to do everything his 'big sister' does. At first, I had reservations because I thought they were too young for The Wednesday Word. However, they proved me wrong. They both love spending time discussing and it has now become an established part of our routine as a family."

We hope this will continue to develop the Catholic life of our school!

Yours sincerely,

Clare McGregor - Head teacher