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Here in St Cuthbert’s we live out our mission; In God’s family we love, we grow, we learn and this is especially evident in the way we deliver the curriculum.  Our school is a faith community with the Catholic faith and Christian values at the heart.  We work in close partnership with our families and our parish to ensure every member of our community feels valued.


Come & See


We use the ‘Come and See’ programme of Religious Education recommended by the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.  The aim of the programme is to allow pupils to explore religious questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic Faith.  Children are encouraged throughout the programme to make links to their own lives as well as universal links, which helps children to have a deeper understanding of their place in the world.  Children also study Islam and Judaism gaining an understanding and respect for these other faith traditions.




At St Cuthbert’s we aim to provide a full and varied curriculum that meets the needs of each individual to reach their full potential.  We follow the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum; developing skills for life, being able to live harmoniously alongside others and preparation for working in the modern world.


Our mixed age classes offer many advantages for the children in terms of differentiation our curriculum coverage is broad and balanced from  EYFS -Year 4 preparing them well for middle school. 


We use the area in which we live to enhance the curriculum for example; visiting the Hirsel and Alnwick gardens (Roots & Shoots project) to learn about the way in which our food is grown and produced in this area.  All children from year 1 - year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons; an essential part of our curriculum given our proximity to the river Tweed and the North Sea. Projects with the Maltings Theatre (Animation 2017) have allowed the children to see their very own production screened at the theatre.


Every child in St Cuthbert’s is entitled to a curriculum that;


  • Offers opportunities for children to gain new experiences
  • Encourages exploration of the world around them
  • Includes well-planned activities and engaging learning experiences based on sound pedagogical research
  • Develops skills in reading, writing, mathematics, speaking & listening
  • Supports the three aims of; reasoning, fluency and problem solving

Every member of staff in St Cuthbert’s has a responsibility to support every child to;


  • Become confident and articulate
  • Have high expectations of themselves
  • Contribute effectively
  • Become responsible citizens

The curriculum will provide opportunities for our children to;


  • Experience a residential holiday – abseil, use a compass, climb a mountain, build dens - Kielder
  • Visit an art gallery – The Granary, Barracks
  • Experience eating in a restaurant
  • Visit a country show -Glendale
  • Learn to swim
  • Take part in short story / poetry competition – Berwick literary festival, Berwick Rotary club
  • Work with an author – Alan Windram
  • Visit a castle or stately home –Alnwick, Bamburgh, Paxton House
  • Work with an artist – sculpture, painter, textile
  • Learn & perform a liturgical dance – ‘More Than’ dance company
  • Visit the local beach
  • Regularly visit the local public library
  • Visit / engage with local important historical places, such as; The Lowry trail, Elizabethan walls, Berwick barracks, town hall & jail
  • Visit the local theatre – The Maltings
  • Take part in inter-school sports competitions
  • Learn about ‘Field to Fork’ – The Hirsel
  • Learn to play a musical instrument