Attendance winners

19th October 2017
Well done to our Attendance winners who have 98%+ attendance from 6th September!!!
We are so proud of you and you should be of yourselves as you have missed hardly any learning opportunities!!
As a reward today these children enjoyed a game of bingo in the hall with Mrs McGregor (and some sweet prizes!)
Congratulations to;
Class 1 - Libby and Lewis
Class 2 - Olivia, Gracie, Isla, Dylan, Xavier, Amelia, Asia, Evie, Danielle, Sophie, Archie & Riley
Class 3 - Macey, Katie, Tiy, Clara, Karolina, Lillia, Skye, Connor, Jayden, Hubert, Kyle, Joshua, Edvinas, Maja, Cassie & Miley